Online Mlm, Offline Mlm, Or Both

MLM is one of those things where there is no single way to do it. For example, with MLM you can choose to work your MLM business online, offline, or both.

It’s not by chance that I prefer to work my MLM business online with the exception of some direct mail, TV, and newspaper ads (all of which cross-promote to my online MLM strategy). And one thing I never do is face-to-face prospecting, pitch my own business to friends or family, or call leads.

I personally find online MLM more enjoyable, profitable, and best of all – automated. Let’s take a brief look at the main difference between online MLM versus offline MLM.

Finding MLM Prospects

Offline MLM Prospecting – Prospecting can be time consuming and for some people – very uncomfortable. It can also be difficult to “sell” your business opportunity or products without a sales personality or years of experience. Offline MLM is also very difficult to target prospects.

Online MLM Prospecting – Requires MLM training that focuses on advertising and marketing online, but can be learned rather quickly. Researching where prospects visit and placing your MLM in front of them is also easy to learn. Online MLM prospecting does not require sales skills or an outgoing personality.

MLM Training

Offline MLM Training – Meetings are at a specific time and place and may not be convenient for your downline members.

Teleconferences are similar in that they may not be at a convenient time for everyone.

With offline MLM, folks tend to get “beat down” more than online MLM. So, regular MLM training is extremely important for a productive downline.

Online MLM Training – With modern technologies you can train and motivate your downline daily – whenever and wherever they might need it. This is a great benefit that will help you keep your team motivated and productive – even in times of weakness or burn out.

MLM Duplication

Offline MLM Duplication – Duplication is only possible with downline members of the same personality types – which is rare in this business. Many MLM “heavy hitters” will say that it’s possible for anyone to simply jump right in to a system that is duplicated easily. That is just not true.

Online MLM Duplication – Duplication is as easy as the click of a button. There is no personality requirements on the web. MLM online is really one of the easiest marketing systems ever because there is no need for uncomfortable situations like face-to-face selling, calling MLM leads over the phone, or prospecting friends and family. you just setup your online MLM system and it runs like a robot.

Although traditional MLMers rarely cross over to online methods, I believe it’s only a matter of time before the majority of MLMers use the web for more than just sending MLM prospects to a plain opportunity overview website.

If you don’t currently use the web to prospect, recruit, train, and motivate your downline online – now may be as good as anytime to get started. You’ll still be ahead of most MLMers.

By: Gaston Collins (UltimateMLMer)

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Online MLM Training how much does it cost to be an advocare distributor is an important requiement if you want to be successful, but it’s much easier to learn and implement than offline MLM. A MLM organization is also much easier and faster to build than offline. Gaston Collins is an expert on marketing online and he’s also the creator of the UltimateMLMer Online MLM Training course at